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Dentist in New Braunfels: Options for Replacing Missing Teeth


If you have a missing tooth that you want to replace you have landed on the right page! Here at Tooth Time Family Dentistry, we offer a variety of options for replacing a missing tooth. We understand how frustrating having a missing tooth can be and how important replacing it is to you. Below we have listing three options for replacing missing teeth. However, depending on your teeth the replacement options that will work for you may differ.

  1. Bridge: A bridge is a fixed dental restoration option that will literally bridge a gap from one or more missing teeth. A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth (or several teeth) by joining an artificial tooth permanently to adjacent teeth. The bridge offers the benefit of being a fixed restoration which means it will stay in place and is not removable. A bridge will look good aesthetically and will restore your smile. However, a disadvantage of a bridge is that they could potentially compromise the adjacent teeth that it depends on.

  2. Partial: A partial also referred to as a partial denture is a removable appliance that can replace one or more missing teeth. The partial offers the benefit of not compromising any of the surrounding teeth. It will also restore your smile and ease the stress of your jaw. However, because it is a removable appliance you will have to take it out and clean it regularly. It is also possible that food can sometimes get under them causing discomfort.

  3. Implant: A dental implant, which is one of the best long term options to replace missing teeth, is a permanent implant into your jaw. Dental implants provide the benefit of looking, feeling, and functioning just like your natural teeth. You will be able to brush, floss, and eat like normal.

If you have a missing tooth or teeth and are ready to replace them we would be happy to help find the best replacement options for you. Give us a call or book your an appointment today with any one of our three locations.

Kristy Olson