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February is National Children’s Dental Health Month!


Teaching your children about dental health is very important and it is something that you should try to start teaching them as young as possible. To help you with the process of teaching your children good dental health we have put together a few tips.

  • Help Them Brush & Floss: It is recommended that parents brush their children’s teeth at least to the age of 6 and floss their teeth at least to the age of 8. If your child is not cooperative when it comes time to brush try some ways to make it a fun activity. Ideas to make it fun include buying multiple toothbrushes in different colors or of their favorite cartoon characters and let them choose which one to use. You can also do the same with toothpaste. Other ways to make brushing fun include letting them brush your teeth or their favorite toys teeth.

  • Picking Out Teeth-Friendly Food: Foods such as vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and nuts are healthier options for snack time when considering your children's teeth. Avoiding cookies and other sugary snacks throughout the day can decrease the risk of cavities. It is recommended to save those sugary and starchy foods for meal times only.

  • Dentist Visits: It is recommended to begin bringing your child to the dentist as early as 6 months old even if they do not have any teeth yet. This gets them used to coming to the dentist and gets you connected with a dentist that you can ask those important questions to as they are growing up. Such as when to get them off a pacifier, sippy cups and more.

In honor of Children’s Dental Health Month, Toothtime Family Dentistry in New Braunfels, Seguin, and San Antonio will be offering free exams and cleanings for children under the age of 12. Give one of our three offices a call and get your child’s appointment for February scheduled today!


Kristy Olson