Tooth Time


Baby’s First Dentist Appointment in New Braunfels.


To set your child up for dental health success it is important to have them start seeing the dentist early! Your baby’s first dentist appointment should be at 6 months old. It is typical at this age for babies to have very few teeth or none at all. However, even if your baby does not have teeth yet you should still bring them in for their first dental appointment. Getting your baby used to the process of coming to the dentist early will help them fill at ease for future dental appointments. It will also help to promote the importance of healthy teeth for years to come!

A baby’s first dental appointment is a very simple process. The appointment will begin with the child sitting in your lap and you will hold them for the duration of the appointment. You will lay the baby on its back in your lap while cradling them. The dentist will then come to inspect the baby’s gums and any teeth that may have already appeared. It is typically for some baby’s to cry, but not to worry they are not in any pain during the appointment. Once the dentist is done inspecting the baby’s gums to ensure they are healthy a dental hygienist will brush the baby’s teeth and gums. Lastly, they will put a fluoride varnish on any teeth the baby may have. This fluoride varnish is to help mineralize their teeth and protect against bacteria and sugars in the mouth.

Also at baby’s first dentist appointment, you will have the opportunity to chat with the Dentist and hygienist about any questions you may have about how to brush their teeth and gums, teething, bottle habits, sugar intake, and more. If it is time to schedule your baby’s first dentist appointment give us a call today!

Kristy Olson