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5 Tips to Improve your Health

May is Women’s Health Month and it’s never too early or late to make healthy changes so you look and feel your best. You can take control of your health and help others in your family too!

As a part of this Month Awareness, we are going to share 5 tips with you: 

1) Do Your Daily Exercise: Every morning tries to get at least 20 minutes of exercise. Or sprinkle in other forms of exercise like yoga, weight lifting and walking. 

2) Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables: Try to eat or drink five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. A 100 percent fruit juice, smoothie or piece of fruit for breakfast, blueberries for lunch, salad and more vegetables for dinner. Ooh, ooh, ooh, and you can also add a daily serving of dark chocolate covered raisins—raisins are fruit, aren't they? ☺

3) Take Time to Smell the Roses: “Remember, most worries are only in the mind, fix your thoughts and the rest will fall into place.” Take some time for yourself and try to reduce the daily stress with some activity that calms you down.

4) Talk to or Listen to Your Friends: your friends can help you celebrate your good times and help you manage the bad times. your friends provide fresh perspectives on caring for your loved ones or thoughtful advice when it comes to making some of my big and little life decisions. Sometimes it's great to just talk to friends and have them listen. Yes, we've learned that listening is not only a good leadership skill for business but a good friendship skill to develop and share with others.

5) Sleep More: Sleep deprivation can take a toll on your mind, body, and spirit. This month you should make a priority to get more and better sleep habits.

A good Overall health involves good oral health too, and until you see your dentist for a check-up, here are some factors that may indicate that you have good oral health:

  • Your gums are pink and do not get sore or bleed when you brush or floss your teeth

  • Your teeth feel clean and not “fuzzy”

  • You don’t constantly have bad breath

One key factor to having a good oral hygiene routine is understanding what your oral needs are. During your next check-up or cleaning appointment, ask your dentist if there is anything you should pay extra attention to during your oral hygiene routine, and if already have more than 6 months without your check up do not forget to make your Appointment , just click the button below , HAVE A GOOD WOMEN’S HEALTH MONTH.